L U S T 🥀’ featuring: Mina Delic

Make Up Artist: Chancey Valdez

 'Pride In My Veins 🌈 '  featuring: Zac Warkentin

Make Up Artist: Chancey Valdez

'Bohemian Goddess' featuring: Joy Lim

Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist:  Happi Kaur + Vania Ramirez

'Gradient Scale' featuring: Zac Warkentin

'Rosé' featuring: Sunee Samuel

 Make Up Artist: Angelica Nakamura

'Trainwreck' featuring: Tanzy Sayadi

'La Vie en Rouge' featuring: Tricia Kilbrai

‘Neon Lights’ featuring: Jaxon + Cassie

‘Cotton Candy’ featuring: Reanna Cameron

Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist: MVB Artistry + Angela Ohana

'Dark vs. Light ' featuring : Taylor Campbell

'Les Fleurs' featuring: Storm Schroenn

 Make Up Artist: Linda Grace of Beauty  

'The Boudoir Sessions' featuring: Pesi Steele + Lily Rae

'The Umbrella Series' ◦ Vancouver,British Columbia

‘Gastown Gentleman’ featuring: Andrew Gonzales

‘Blood Bath’ featuring: Artemis Ravenna

Make Up Artist: MVB Artistry

‘Foliage’ featuring: Emmanuel Addo

Stylist / Make Up Artist: Kelly LaBounty + Abbey McLane

‘Intertwined’ featuring: Jaxon + Cassie

'Urban Street' featuring: Tiffany T. 

‘The Sophisticate’ featuring: Jaxon + Cassie

'Grunge Affairs' featuring: Dory Xu

Make Up Artist: Vivian Chen

Lights (Musician), Party for the Planet in Surrey, B.C

Kiss of the King (Band): Vancouver, British Columbia